Art you can wear anywhere

What did you do with your Lobster Charm today?
The Lobster Charms collection is much more than jewelry. It’s a sensational collection of high-impact, highly versatile silver charms that can be used as
jewelry and lifestyle accessories. The only limit is your imagination.

Chunky Cuff Attach a Lobster Charm to leather thong necklace to achieve the chunky cuff look.
Belt Add a Lobster Charm to a chain or leather belt for some added va-va-voom.
Open-Back Trust a Lobster Charm to accentuate an open-back shirt or dress––a red-carpet favourite.
Belly Chain Add a Lobster Charm to a belly chain and you no longer need a permanent piercing.
Ankle Adorn the ankle, whether you’re wearing sandals or stilettoes.
Lapel As seen on the red carpet. Attach a belt chain to your lapel and rock with your favourite Lobster Charm.
Little Black Dress Add another layer of style to your little black dress with a chain and sexy Lobster Charm.
Footwear Accessorize your footwear with some silver chains and Lobster Charms.
Hand Luggage Bling up your tog bag or hand luggage with some chains and Lobster Charms.
Bag Charms Bag charms will never go out of style. Look what you can do with some Lobster Charms
Brooch Who needs a brooch when you can use some Lobster Charms?
Jeans Amp-up a pair of plain jeans with a couple of Lobster Charms.