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Care Instructions

You will notice that your Lobster Charms pieces are whiter and more sparkling than regular sterling silver. That’s because each Lobster Charms piece is handcrafted from the finest quality 960 Premium Silver, they are then treated to enhance the shine and prevent tarnishing. To ensure your collection stays in pristine condition for as long as possible, the following important care instructions will help keep your Lobster Charms pieces looking as sensational as the day you bought them.

1. Avoid beauty products
Even the finest quality 960 Premium Silver will tarnish when exposed to harsh chemicals such as chlorine, cosmetics, hair spray and perfume, so do your best to avoid contact with your precious Lobster Charms collection.

2. Use the right cleaning products
You wouldn’t use a wire brush to scrub a designer garment. So avoid using abrasive detergents on your Lobster Charms jewelry. Choose a phosphate-free detergent designed for cleaning silver. Remember, toothpaste is for teeth, not designer jewelry, as it’s highly abrasive and scratches the surface. The good news is that if you wear your Lobster Charms often, your body oils will prevent tarnishing (a good excuse to wear them all the time). Depending on your diet, you may find that your body oils actually accelerate tarnishing. Use the next tip if you experience this.

3. Quick prevention fix
To prevent tarnishing, wash your Lobster Charms once a month with mild dish soap and warm water. Make sure you rinse off all the soap and dry well with the soft cloth.

4. Store smartly
Store your collection separately so the pieces don’t rub and scratch each other. Put each piece in the provided Lobster Charms velvet pouch and box to keep it dry and safe from scratches. Make sure your jewelry is not stored in contact with wood as it contains acids that can damage the silver’s finish. Never wrap your jewelry in newspaper or aluminium foil.

5. Get a dedicated jewelry soft cloth
Old T-shirts aren’t stylish or effective. Avoid using these to polish your Lobster Charms. Use a soft cloth to buff your Lobster Charms jewelry and restore its beauty. Residue from other cleaning agents can damage your piece.

6. Allow it to age, or not
Over time, mild tarnishing may produce a unique patina to your Lobster Charms collection. You might love this natural lustre as it adds to the character of the piece. If not, a gentle polish will restore your piece to its original shiny finish.